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The TFT-LCD industry can become the mainstream of the display industry because the industry benefits from the perfect combination of semiconductor technology, liquid crystal material technology, and active light-emitting technology. The initial breakthrough of liquid crystal display was in the field of liquid crystal synthesis, and the liquid crystal display broke through from the notebook computer. The successful modern liquid crystal display applied the concept put forward by two Soviet scientists in 1927, that is, the transition time for the liquid crystal molecules to turn when they grow longer is only milliseconds. Driven by semiconductor technology, the TFT-LCD industry has grown bigger and more refined, and has repeatedly won the competition with other display technologies.

More than ten years ago, OLED was considered very likely to replace TFT-LCD. One of the important advantages is that the chromaticity gamut of OLED can reach 110%, while the chromaticity gamut of traditional liquid crystal display is only 70%. However, with quantum dot backlighting, the chromaticity gamut of TFT-LCD can reach 120%, which is more advantageous than OLED in terms of color reproduction. It can be seen that the TFT-LCD industry will remain the mainstream of the display industry for a long time to come. In 2005, the output of display panel products in mainland China accounted for less than 1% of the global output; in 2017, the output of TFT-LCD reached 100 million square meters; in 2022, it will reach 200 million square meters. China has become the country with the fastest growth in the scale of the new display industry, and TFT-LCD production capacity has steadily ranked first in the world.

China's TFT-LCD industry is in a good state of development. It cannot do without the support of national policies, the hard work of a group of outstanding entrepreneurs, and the support of China's booming economic fundamentals. China's mobile phones, computers, and televisions account for the largest share in the world market. In 2019, China became the largest display production base, with industries mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Tangzhou, and Chengyu-Hubei regions. The reason why foreign companies have been able to gain a place in the display industry where foreign companies have fully competed is because China has made independent innovations while seizing market opportunities. China's shipment scale of low-temperature polysilicon display panels and metal oxide display panels ranks first in the world. Technologies such as gate drive integrated circuits, narrow bezels, low power consumption, built-in touch controls, and transparent displays are being applied to TFT-LCDs. At present, the innovations of stacked-screen TVs and Mini LED backlit TVs have made LCD TVs comparable to laser TVs and OLED TVs from now on, thus driving color TV companies to actively upgrade and dissolve the production capacity of upstream LCD panel companies. The risk of excess.

 In the new era when China's TFT-LCD production capacity ranks first in the world and the industrial base has obvious advantages, we should insist on independent innovation and further develop the TFT-LCD industry. The innovation of display applications not only brings more new experiences to the people's lives, but also further changes the social lifestyle and accelerates the process of the technological revolution. 5G will bring huge development opportunities to the display industry. The 5G era is the era of great development of the information industry. Semiconductor display technology will continue to be upgraded. 8K and ultra-high-definition have become an important development trend in the display industry. It is the first wave of the information industry to promote economic development. Flexible display technology will also usher in New development opportunities.

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